Friday, April 13, 2007

Receiving $150 banking bonus money

As I have covered in this post about the many banking accounts that we have, I'm happy to report that HSBC has posted $150 bonus money to our Interest Checking accounts ($75 for me, and $75 for my spouse) on early April 2007. We opened the accounts in early March 2007. Off to the temporary 6% Online Savings accounts the bonus went (through online transfer)!

What is interesting is that we both shared only one Online Savings account with balance a little bit more than $3,000. This balance turns out to qualify each of our own checking accounts so that we do not need to maintain any amount in the checking accounts or to have direct deposit to the checking accounts. We are so pleased with this fact because we share the $3,000 minimum balance requirements and are able to maintain that balance in relatively high interest Savings account.

Now, I'm waiting for the BB&T bonuses to be posted. The BB&T promotion page mentioned that they should be posted by the end of April.

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Tem said...

Can you please give detail about this HSBC promotion? Is it still alive?